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For X-Plane 11

For XP11

Discover the Taba Region

Once controlled by the military on the border of Israel and Egypt, there is a lot of history to discover about Taba. Today, it’s a key destination for tourists in Egypt. Enjoy diving between the corals of the Red Sea, unlimited sunny days, luxury hotels and more. The Taba region offers endless possibilities to everyone who enters its gate through this beautiful historical airport in the middle of mountains and desert!

Key Features

  • Custom hand-crafted PBR ground textures
  • Buildings with detailed, PBR textures
  • Custom terminal building
  • Custom colour-corrected orthoimaginery
  • High level of detail throughout
  • Tuned for HDR lighting
  • Accurate, region specific airport vehicles

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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

X-Plane 11.50+

System Requirements

283MB download, 301MB when installed. Windows 10, macOS or Linux.