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For Microsoft Flight Simulator


Disover the Embraer 190/195

Virtualcol is thrilled to bring you a recreation of the Embraer ERJ 190 and 195 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including a glass cockpit and original sounds. This pack includes 2 models: ERJ190 and ERJ195.

The Embraer 190 is a commercial jet that can hold 98 passengers. Designed by Embraer of Brazil, it joins other great planes as a part of this line. Launched in June 1999, it wasn’t until March 2004 that it took its first flight; however, thanks to its great development and impressive design, it’s a comfortable and excellent jet for taking to the skies. The company constructed a 95 m wide and 5000 m long runway for this use – the longest in South and Central America.An advanced-range version of the jet was announced in early 2005. These features improved reinforcements throughout the jet, allowing for higher weight at the landing and take-off. Not only that, but these advanced jets have an improved range. They do, of course, come with a higher price tag.

Key Features

  • Native code for MSFS in model exterior and interior, using current Asobo and original templates
  • The checklist is fully operative and recommended to use to fully understand the engine starting process
  • Light effects with in-panel Flood Management
  • Moving wipers
  • Contact points available in Ground service and its animations
  • External effects of engines
  • Animated wing flex
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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator

System Requirements

1.22GB download, 4.78GB when installed. Windows 10+