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For Microsoft Flight Simulator


⛰️ Discover Beautiful Provo ⛰️

Welcome to the beautiful state of Utah! PVU’s circle-to-land RNAV into RWY 13 is one to give pilots a challenging yet scenic approach. This Allegiant crew base gives FENIX pilots a chance to visit most notable West Coast destinations from PVU’s brand new shiny terminal. Fancy a flight in the Honda & Vision jets? The Duncan & Signature FBO’s give you that chance. Do you like flying GA aircraft? This airport is perfect for that with it’s two spawnable hangars and plethora of flight schools.

Key Features

  • Animated passengers with full 1:1 terminal interior
  • 2023 Airport Layout HD texturing with full-scale PBR mapping
  • 2 player spawnable hangars (with interiors)
  • Proper AI routing, vehicle pathing, and ATC network
  • Custom 0.5cm/res ortho Custom taxiway signage, obstruction lights, guard lights, etc.
  • Usage of parallax & LOD’s for minimal performance loss
  • Animated tower controllers & mechanic working in a hangar

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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator

System Requirements

1.08GB download, 1.89GB when installed. Windows 10+