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For Microsoft Flight Simulator


Welcome to Ventspils

Welcome to Ventspils! This is what a welcoming sign says when you enter the beautiful city of Ventspils. Absolute hidden gem of Latvia, holder of Blue Beach Flag since 1999, a tourist attraction point from many countries, including neighbouring Lithuania.

Some tourists (even virtual) can also visit the city by using the airport, that is only 2,5km away from city centre, and once served multiple international routes and direct flights to the capital of Latvia - Riga.

Airport ceased its commercial operations due to 2008 economic crisis, airBaltic buying new, modern aircraft, and lack of financation. However, airport is requalified for VFR flights both day and night time. airBaltic Pilot Academy Students use this airport as one of the summer bases for students, and for training night VFR flights.

While at this point, many locals consider airport is only used for drag - race championships, it's wrong! Of course, some dates of the year, the airport is closed to host an amazing drag-race festival that developers of this airport were lucky to visit!

Overall, this is a great, unknown to many people region in the Baltic States, that is surely a piece of beauty, and wonderful coastal airport, that sometimes has challenging winds on the approach. So be careful, and don't mess with residents of "Gāliņciems" with that engine sound!

Key Features

  • High Definition Textures with PBR, to enhance the experience
  • Parallax Interiors, not to leave simmers with a feeling that something should be behind windows
  • Accurately modeled airport night lighting
  • Up to date layout, including the recent reconstruction works changes
  • Animated models
  • GSX and AREX compatible
  • Accurate models of the airport and the surroundings (Including Interiors)

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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator

System Requirements

601MB download, 1.35GB when installed. Windows 10+