Request FAQ

Have a question regarding your request? Read through these frequently asked questions; if you can’t find an answer, contact us here.

What aircraft do you accept livery requests for?


  • Precision Manuals Development Group (All)
  • QualityWings (All)
  • Captain Sim (757, 767, 777)
  • Carenado (We can accommodate most aircraft, however please contact us before ordering)
  • Flight Sim Labs A321-X, A320-X and A319-X
  • Aerosoft Airbus Family Professional, A330 Professional and CRJ Professional 
  • Majestic Software Q400
  • FeelThere E-Jets V3
  • Fly The Maddog X
  • MilViz (We can accommodate some aircraft, please contact us before ordering)


  • Zibo/Ultimate (All)
  • FlightFactor (All)
  • ToLiss (All)
  • IXEG Boeing 737-300
  • Rotate MD-80
  • JARDesign A330

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • A320neo

Please note: this list is not exhaustive - we may still be able to accommodate your livery, please contact us for more information if you do not see an aircraft above.

Do you accept livery requests for fictional and virtual airline liveries?

We are able to accept requests for fictional and virtual airline liveries with our Fictional Livery Request service. We ask that you contact us before placing an order to confirm whether it is feasible for us.

What airports can I request dynamic lighting for?

We are able to accept dynamic lighting requests for any addon airports, even ones that already have dynamic lighting. We are not able to accept dynamic lighting for default Prepar3D airports.

Can you create SODE jetways for airports that already have SODE?

We at iniBuilds pride ourselves over our realistic addons for existing airports that enhance the flightsim experience. This is our primary goal for creating these SODE profiles. Therefore, we will not accept orders that will replace existing SODE that is included by the developer. After our many months of creating profiles we noticed that SODE for these airports not only cover jetways; but also covers things like windsocks, grass, terminal objects, etc. All of which can cause issues if they are disabled. We hope you can understand our position and thank you for your consideration.

Can there be flexibility with realism?

We do allow for some deviation from the real-life version of your request, but we ask if you are looking to request something that is fictional that you contact us before purchasing.

I have purchased a request, what happens now?

After you place an order with us, you will receive a confirmation via email. This highlights your request information and a confirmation of sale. Your request is automatically added to our systems and assigned accordingly. We will only contact you if there is an issue with your request or if we require extra information. Most requests are completed 5 to 6 weeks after the purchase date. However sometimes this needs to be extended. We will notify you if there is a change.

Can I get a refund if you cannot meet my request requirements?

Yes. If we can not meet your request, we will provide a full refund for the items in question. For more information, please review our "Return Policy Exceptions" here.

Can I request my livery to be save with DXT files instead of 32-bit?

Yes. Users with lower-spec computers may find our 32-bit livery files to be heavy on performance. DXT files may offer better performance. In your request information please leave a note specifying you would like the livery to be exported using DXT rather than 32-bit.