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For Microsoft Flight Simulator


Discover the 222B

From the creator of helicopters for X-Plane, such as the 206B3, 206L3, 222B, 222UT, 500E and H125/AS350B3e, the CowanSim 222B is the 5th helicopter of the fleet to come to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Cowan Simulation strives for perfection and continuously updates their fleet using valuable feedback from pilots around the world. The 222B, and subsequent releases, will continue to be developed using that valuable information. CowanSim's flight models are pilot tested, approved and developed with the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK. No external flight model/dynamics or programs are used to provide a seamless user experience.

The 222B comes with a luxury and medical (HEMS) interior, 45 liveries and an easy to use paint kit that is provided in both GIMP and Adobe Photoshop formats. The medical version is livery specific and only available when selecting a medical livery.

Key Features

  • Detailed Paint Kit
  • Tested and Zeroed in by Real Pilots
  • Realistic start up procedure
  • Customizable Panel Configurations
  • Pilots & Passengers
  • Blade Slap and Vibrations
  • 45 Paint Jobs (liveries)
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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator

System Requirements

650MB download, 3.07GB when installed. Windows 10+