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For Microsoft Flight Simulator


Welcome to the Caribbean

Three Caribbean airports in one package! Piarco International Airport (POS/TTPP), located on the main island of Trinidad and Tobago; A.N.R. Robinson International Airport (TAB/TTCP) located on the island of Tobago, and Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND/TGPY) serving St. George’s, the capital of Grenada. All three airports are completely modeled, with detailed buildings, ground textures, and static aircraft.

Key Features

  • Detailed main terminals, hangars, and airport buildings, using 4K textures and PBR effects
  • Includes optional setting to add real-world airliners at main terminal gates
  • Parking, ramps, taxiways, and runways adjusted to reflect real airports
  • Static aircraft at general aviation and cargo facilities
  • Detailed high quality ground, runway, and taxiway textures
  • Extra ground vehicles at main terminals and cargo facilities
  • Airport illuminated with lights at night along with improved surrounding areas of Tobago and Grenada

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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator

System Requirements

167MB download, 391MB when installed. Windows 10+