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For Microsoft Flight Simulator


Discover the South Coast

The iniBuilds team are proud to bring you their first airport rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Shoreham Airport. Also known as Brighton City Airport, this hidden gem connects private and leisure flights to the sunny South Coast of England.

Shoreham Airport brings the team's most-creative design and detail elements to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator for the very first time. Why not enjoy a scenic English Channel hop out to Shoreham Airport for yourself to see what it's all about!

Key Features

  • A faithful recreation of Shoreham Airport within the latest next-gen simulator.
  • Custom set of buildings, ground objects and miscellaneous detailing throughout the airport.
  • Visually stunning 2K and 4K PBR texturing for optimal performance and visual details.
  • High fidelity ground layout designed from within Microsoft Flight Simulator using the latest SDK to its full advantage.

Image Gallery

Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator

System Requirements

1.08GB download, 3.40GB when installed.