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For Microsoft Flight Simulator


Welcome to Lanai

Lanai Airport, Lanai City, and the surrounding area of the Island have been hand-crafted to replication in this scenery enhancement package for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. State owned, this public-use regional airport is the only airfield on the island of Lanai, and serves as the central transportation hub for residents and tourists of the island. The airfield serves commercial, general aviation, air taxi, and military traffic. Often less visited compared to the neighbouring islands, the island of Lanai has no shortage of dramatic coastlines, mountains, and beautiful beaches.

Key Features

  • Custom, reworked natural landscape and vegetation
  • Accurate runway, taxiway, and apron enhancements
  • Handcrafted, replicated airport buildings with high resolution physically based rendering (PBR) textures
  • Over 16 square miles of custom, enhanced satellite orthophoto textures that include the entire area of Lanai City. These textures have been worked for a seamless blend and have removed nuisance cloud textures. A huge improvement over the default MSFS imagery
  • Enhanced airport realism, including animations and replicated airport grounds and facilities
  • All models are created using a framerate friendly .GLTF format

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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator

System Requirements

1.42GB download, 1.48GB when installed. Windows 10+