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For X-Plane 11

For XP11

Welcome to Ontario, CA

This airport provides a beautiful scenic approach without the heavy traffic of LAX. Not only that, but Ontario is a major cargo hub on the West Coast to fly that brand new MD-11 & A300 (UPS & FedEx).

KONT not only has all 3 major cargo carriers, it’s features a vast variety of airlines (domestic & international) as the commercial flights make up nearly 70% of daily airport operations! This airport is one you’ll need to for your many flights around the West Coast!

Key Features

  • 2022 Airport Layout
  • HDR Lighting
  • PBR on nearly all materials
  • Moving vehicle traffic
  • SAM Jetways
  • New FedEx Ramp
  • Traffic AI Routing

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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

X-Plane 11.50+

System Requirements

1.57GB download, 3.51GB when installed. Windows 10, macOS or Linux.