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Explore the Mid-Atlantic

Xometry Design is proud to present their next destination - LPPD Ponta Delgada Airport.

Get ready to fly into this unique airport in the middle of the North Atlantic between Europe and North America! Ponta Delgada Airport is located in the largest of the nine Azores islands, São Miguel Island. The airport is also the busiest of the Azores and the fourth largest airport administrated by ANA Aeroportos de Portugal. Ponta Delgada Airport serves flights to and from major world hubs such as London, Madrid, Montreal, Lisbon, Boston, Brussels and Frankfurt. Despite its quite short runway, which is just 2,497 meters long, it is common for long-haul aircrafts such as the 757, A310, A340 or A330 to take-off and land here.

Key Features

  • Accurately placed, detailed custom buildings, clutter and autogen
  • PBR normal maps
  • Realistic wear, tar, cracks and stains
  • High resolution ground textures
  • Aircraft wrecks and disassembled aircraft parts
  • Accurately placed vegetation such as 3D grass, bushes and trees
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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

X-Plane 11.50+

System Requirements

960MB download, 1.69GB when installed. Windows 10, macOS or Linux.