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For Microsoft Flight Simulator


Discover the Eagle S100

The Eagle S100 is a high performance prototype aerobatic aircraft for freestyle, competition flying and racing. This aircraft features one of the most realistic aerobatic flight models for MSFS, considering the current limitations and will be updated frequently to make it even better.
The aircraft is based on my own design and is inspired by many different aerobatic aircraft like the MXS, Extra NG, Votec 351 and Raven.

Key Features

  • S100 and R100 variant
  • 380 HP AEIO-580 engine
  • Roll rates up to 470°/s
  • 180 kts cruise and capable of +-14G
  • Fully aerobatic flight model
  • Modern Propeller Physics
  • Realistic aerobatic smoke (multiplayer compatible)
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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator

System Requirements

437MB download, 1.11GB when installed. Windows 10+