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For Microsoft Flight Simulator


Discover the SU-26MX

The SU-26MX is a high-performance aerobatic aircraft designed to push the boundaries of precision aerobatics and thrill both pilots and spectators alike. Renowned for its exceptional agility and maneuverability, this aircraft is a favorite among competitive aerobatic pilots and airshow performers around the world. It has a fixed landing gear built in titanium. It has a very angled seat (35°) allowing the pilot to suffer less from G-FORCE and perform even dangerous maneuvers up to 12G.

The SU-26MX is an aerobatic aircraft, meant to be flown in groups with your friends, thinking about that, we worked hard to bring up the best multiplayer compatibility possible, allowing you to see most of the things your friend is doing in their aircraft.

Key Features

  • The best multiplayer compatibility
  • Accurate 3d model
  • Accurate Flight Dynamics
  • PBR 4K Textures
  • Custom cockpit with amazing textures
  • Custom smoke effects with 5 color variations

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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator

System Requirements

382MB download, 1.76GB when installed. Windows 10+