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For Microsoft Flight Simulator


Discover Interlaken and Rega 10

INTERLAKEN Airport (LSMI) is a former military base located in Interlaken, Switzerland. The base was built during World War II. Today the base is closed to commercial flights.LSMI INTERLAKEN also hosts the base of REGA 10. REGA provides more than 1100 mountain rescue missions per year.

The Jungfrau park is an amusement park located near the airport runway. Opened in 2003, the park consists of 7 pavilions, each containing one of the many "secrets of the world". Flying into Interlaken (LSMI) by plane or helicopter, requires qualified pilots.

Key Features

  • 4K PBR textures
  • Hangars scaled up to lifesize
  • Nightime optimized
  • FPS friendly
  • Textures captured by photographers
  • Helipad + airport

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Product Info and Prerequesites

Supported Simulator Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator

System Requirements

218MB download, 576MB when installed. Windows 10+